Results Advertising – A Full Service Production House

Results Advertising – A Full Service Production House

By Joanna Qiao    

Located in the heart of Markham at Woodbine Ave. and Hwy 7, Results Advertising is led by Generation Y, a group of young bloods full of creative ideas and equipped with a full service production house.

Founded by Hong Kong immigrant Henry Chui, Results Advertising provides services from marketing planning to production, making quality TV & Radio commercials, and producing corporate videos. Local brands such as Canada Computers, Great Mountain Ginseng, and Promenade Mall, as well as international corporations such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada), iTalk BB, and Hainan Airlines have all hired Results Advertising to produce either Chinese or English language promotional videos for their marketing campaign.

Results has expertise in both video productions and event planning. “Since 2009, we have made over 500 corporate videos and 700 to 800 TV commercials. Our clients range from real estate developers to municipal governments, from private schools to the manufacturing industry,” said Henry Chui, the Creative Director of Results Advertising.

“Our production house is equipped with a recording studio and a green room, which makes our service very comprehensive and unique compared to other competitors in the market,” Chui added.

Besides production works, Results also organizes community events to build relationships between GTA residents and distant municipalities, helping to boost tourism in southern Ontario cities and townships. The one-thousand-person tour they arrange annually has previously visited townships and cities such as St. Catherines, Oxford, Kitchener, and Whitby. This year in July, partnering with Great Mountain Ginseng, Results Advertising organized another one-day trip to bring GTA tourists to explore the City of Burlington and neighbouring areas.

Other than commercial work, Results Advertising is also involved in cultural events that promote ethnic traditions to mainstream society. Results has successfully hosted Chinese New Year celebrations at several GTA shopping malls, such as Fairview Mall and Markville Mall, in recently years. At the same time, it brings together Chinese businesses and local communities during the cultural events.

“With our in-house production crew and equipment, we have more control over the quality of our work. From concept and development to post-production and editing, our work will get results for our clients’ marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively,” Chui concluded.

For more information, check out Results Advertising’s website at


Henry Chui is the founder and creative director of Results Advertising.



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