Alex Leung – From Mortgage Manager to Developer

Alex Leung – From Mortgage Manager to Developer

Started off as a realtor and then turned into a developer, Alex Leung has literally expanded the way he looks at real estate business.

Born in Hong Kong, Leung immigrated to Canada with his family when he was in grade 12.  He went on to study at the University of Waterloo and earned a bachelor’s degree in business and economics minor.  Upon graduation, he worked at one of Canada’s Big Five banks, CIBC, as a mortgage manager.  Being involved in the real estate industry was a stepping stone for Leung to become a developer.


In 2006, Leung became a licensed real estate agent and joined Gold Trade Realty Ltd.  Later on, he proceeded to become a licensed real estate broker, joined Re/Max Excel Realty Ltd. and led a team specializing in pre-construction condo development sales.

Equipped with his experiences in the industry, Leung has established close relationships with various condo developers and become their platinum agent.  He is one of the first agents given exclusive access to new condos and the privilege to sell large number of units before they are available to the public.  Leung and his team have made record sales of about 200 condo units within a period of six months. As a result, he has won Top Producer awards in the company for three consecutive years.

In 2014, Leung made a bold career move when he joined North America’s luxurious home and condo developer, the Great Gulf, as Director of Sales Management. The Great Gulf has multiple projects within Canada and in the U.S.  One of the most anticipated buildings is ONE BLOOR, a 75-storey luxurious commercial and residential condo that is considered one of the landmarks in Toronto.

“My perspective on the real estate market has changed as my role changes from being a real estate agent to a developer. As a real estate agent I focused on pricing and sales, while as a developer I also have to assess each project with respect to potentials of the location as well as possible future developments by the local municipal government,”  Leung said at the interview with RHMCBA.

great-gulf-homes-logo-condopromoWhen asked about what he enjoys most working in the currently sizzling hot real estate market,  Leung admitted that “meeting with so many different people and  providing them good services with respect is satisfying and challenging”.

“In our company, we have a one-year program called ‘Sales Training Apprentice’.  The objective of the program is to recruit new real estate agents to work under the guidance of our senior agents. I am delighted to see our new agents benefit from the training and gain experiences every day,” Leung added.

Although he has busy work schedules and travels around the world, Leung enjoys family time with his wife at home in Markham.



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