Restoration company helps mitigate damages in properties

Restoration company helps mitigate damages in properties

Established in 1981, Rainbow International offers restoration services to residential, commercial and industrial properties that have experienced fire, water, smoke and environmental damages, as well as mold removal. Its Markham location is one of over 1,500 international franchisees in ten countries.

Ms. Maggie Yang, the Senior Project Manager, liaises and coordinates with its Chinese customers, insurance brokers and property management companies. She believes there is a significant demand in the community for the restoration service.

“Unfortunately, many Chinese immigrants do not have much knowledge in house maintenance so as to prevent the occurrence of water and fire related disasters. This is because we used to live in apartments back home,” said Yang in an interview with RHMCBA.

Unexpected cases at work has prompted Yang to realize how important it is to promote proper house maintenance to the Chinese community. She recalled that Rainbow International once handled a residential water damage loss amounted to almost $1 million. The cause for the loss was simply due to lack of maintenance of the house before winter hit.

A common misconception for many Chinese clients is that they believe when a loss is occurred from such as water damage or sewer back up, the first step they should do is to find out if it is covered under their insurance policy.  “Keep in mind that these unfortunate events often happen at night or during weekends when enquiries for insurance coverage are not readily available. Clients tend to wait rather than mitigate the damage as soon as possible.  They do not realize that the damage deteriorates over time and causes mold growth in some cases.  Mold remediation is definitely more costly than water or fire damage, and in most cases not covered by the insurance company,” warned Yang.

“Right after damage occurs, calling in a certified restoration company to mitigate the damage will be the important first step to take. Filing a claim and dealing with the insurance company can follow later,” she stressed.

“In order to best protect their interests when prevention fails and disaster strikes, Chinese clients need to understand the proper procedures to handle the stressful situation,” she continued.

What Rainbow International will do, Yang said, is after they receive an emergency call, a service team will rush to the damage site within an hour or less. The team will not only provide a preliminary evaluation including possible cause of the loss and the extent of the loss, but also help mitigate damages immediately upon the client’s authorization.

Based on experience working with insurance brokers, Yang pointed out that the rule of thumb to determine whether a loss is claim worthy is if the loss amount is 1.5 or 2 times higher than the deductible.  Hence, an accurate assessment of the damage is crucial in the process.

Rainbow International Restoration provides 24/7 Chinese language hotline. The central office of three GTA branches is located in Markham.  For further information, please contact Ms. Maggie Yang at [email protected].



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